Lanre Fassy brings back Owambe Juju Highlife Beats to the Yoruba Nation

In the words of Dr. Dale Turner "Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

Lanre Fassy brings back Owambe Juju Highlife Beats to the Yoruba Nation
Lanre Fassy -

Lanre Fassy after a long tussle with recording companies now Brings Back Owambe Juju Highlife Beats to the Yoruba Nation

As the saying goes "Education is the only Emancipation". In line with this phylosophical quotation Olanrewaju Fasasi aka Lanre Fassy attended St. John's Primary School and Hope Secondary Modern School all in Ibadan the capital of old Western Region, now the capital of Oyo State.

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After completion of his Secondary Modern School that prepares students for Teacher Training College in those days to become a Teacher with ready made Teaching Appointment in Government Schools, he declined this opportunity and moved down to Lagos the capital of Nigeria in 1962 to seek greener pastures. 

He worked as a Petrol Sales Attendant with Texaco Filling Station, Igbosere, Lagos for many years, rose to the position of a Supervisor and later joined Teju Foam Industries Limited as a Higher Purchase Clerk. In 1966 he joined Ayinde Bakare & His Inner Circle Orchestra but the band disbanded in 1967. During the period of disbandment, Lanre Fassy went back to work as a Supervisor Merchandising with Texaco Filling Station, Apapa Road, Lagos.

Later Ayinde Bakare reformed a new band led by Gbenga Adefeso between 1973-1977 and Lanre Fassy was recalled but Lanre Fassy formed his own band in 1977 and named it Lanre Fassy & His Easy Going Orchestra. The band recorded an Album but regrettably the Album was not released but pirated by other established musician. The band recorded another another Album with Decca (West Africa) Limited through late Chief M.K.O. Abiola a Director of the Company but both records were also not released.

What a pity? Lanre Fassy's last unfruitful attempt at recording an Album was with Skylak Records Label an Offshoot of Punch Newspaper owned by late Chief Olu Aboderin. Lanre Fassy was No. 10 of the series of musicians lined up for recording but unfortunately before getting to his turn of recording Chief Olu Aboderin died and Skylak Records Label folded up. Lanre Fassy was introduced to Skylak Records by late I. K. Dairo MBE of blessed memory.

Lanre Fassy & His Ages Orchestra has finally at the end of his tribulations in series attempts at recording an album has just completed a rejuvenated six tracker New Dimensional Juju Highlife music and the Record Album now released in early 2020 and uploaded into

Also the Audio CD is also available in Record Stores across Largo State and beyond. The record is currently enjoying air play in some Radio Stations. Previewing the long awaited six tracker Record Album by Lanre Fassy & His Ages Orchestra by African Heritage (Words & Images) Broadcast Network the Promotions Outfit of Lanre Fassy there is no doubt or gain saying that the Record Album is a rejuvenated replication of the music of Lagos of old with thunderous sparkling Guitar works and sonorous octave voice of Lanre Fassy really fascinates the minds of the entire crew of African Heritage.

The most remarkable aspect of the Record Album is the inculcation and recitation of ABC - Z makes the Record Album a commercial viable message carrying lyrical contents for both young and old including children.

Finally, Lanre Fassy after a long tussle with recording companies now Brings Back Owambe Juju Highlife Beats to the Yoruba Nation.

Congratulations Baba Lanre Fassy from African Heritage (Words & Images) Broadcast Network


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