Keys to Achieve a Sustainable Romantic Relationship

From the beginning of time till date, relationships have been an integral part of mankind and the society. 

Keys to Achieve a Sustainable Romantic Relationship

As humans, we have basic needs; food, air, water, clothing and shelter. However, the need for companionship is another unsaid basic need that pertains to us.

For Christians who are conversant with the scriptures, Adam had everything but he was alone. So, God met that need by creating for him, a companion. The need for companionship is an ingrained need. 

Even in the general sense of the word, we, humans crave relationships. No one was meant to be an island. Be it a parental relationship, romantic relationship, platonc relationship, business relationship, professional relationship and so on.

For this article, the focal point of the discourse is a romantic relationship. Romance is as old as the earth itself and it is something we cannot do without because we are sexual beings.

Romantic relationships just like any other kind of relationships require certain factors to thrive and last long. An exclusion of a majority or even minority of these factors can kill a romantic relationship. They are that essential!

So this brings us to some of the keys to a sustainable romantic relationship. We are discussing the following keys; trust, compatibility, understanding, love, romance, financial stability and compromise.

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This is the bedrock of any romantic relationship. A relationship cannot survive without trust, much less, thrive. Partners must have a considerable level of trust as this eliminates insecurity and unnecessary drama. Trust is at work when you don't attempt to peep into your partner's phone to read their messages or monitor their calls and movements.

Sadly, many relationships are dead or dying because of this single factor. Trust is at work when you see your partner with the opposite sex and though, you may get jealous (which is perfectly normal), you don't make a scene or assume your partner is cheating on you. Trust needs to be earned and built for a sustainable romantic relationship.


This is another crucial key. Trust isn't enough. If you aren't compatible with your current partner, the future of that relationship is bleak. Just as people apperances are different, so are their hobbies, temperaments, passions and interests.

Just imagine two hot tempered people in a relationship, disastrous, right? It will be filled with constant arguments and possibly, violence. 

Imagine a relationship where one partner is extremely boring and reserved and the other person is vivacious and outgoing, do you think such relationship will work? It will take a miracle. 

Its ideal to be with someone you are compatible with. By that, I mean someone your passions and interests complement theirs.


Just as life is in stages, so should be relationships. A great romantic relationship is possible when both parties know and understand each other very well. Friendship should come before and should still take place during the relationship. Get to know and really understand the person you want to be in a relationship with. 
Another dimension of understanding is tolerance. Knowing your partner's fault and tolerating them is an essential part of understanding in a relationship. It also involves being considerate and not being selfish.

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Love is the primary key to a sustainable relationship. True love makes up and covers other keys. This is because other factors goes along with true love. Love comes with trust, understanding, compromise and so on.

However, it is possible to love someone and yet not be compatible with the person. So even love isn't enough on it's own to keep a relationship.


While love and trust is the bedrock and pillar of a romantic relationship, romance is the life and the spice of a relationship. It is what keeps it exciting.

Contrary to what many people thinks, romance isn't just about sex. Romance are those little but important things you do for your partner that shows how much you love and value her. Saying I love you doesn't hold much weight if not backed up by actions.

Take it upon yourself to surprise your partner with gifts, play with them, tease them, make passionate love, defend them in public, give them a shoulder to cry on, check up on them. Such things will constantly remind your partner that you love him or her.

Financial Stability

Money makes things sweet. A relationship won't be enjoyed if money isn't involved. Finance is an important part of any romantic relationship. It is better enjoyed if there is a balance, that is, both partners have a reliable source of income.

Usually, its the male partners taking the brunt of the financial responsibility but the relationship will be better off if both partners are involved in the finances. It creates a balance and mutual respect between them.


This sometimes can be the only thing that saves relationships. If neither partner is willing to compromise for the other, that relationship won't work. It takes two to tango.

Compromise is involved when a guy who doesn't normally appreciate kitchen chores, takes it up to assist his partner because she is busy with something else. Or a partner who isn't into movies, making that sacrifice to go out with his or her partner to the movies just so the person can have a good time. Similar scenarios like that also.

Relationships don't make themselves work. They involve efforts on both parts and of course, the above mentioned keys. They are tested and proven keys for a sustainable and long lasting romantic relationship.

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