Growth analysis in Nigerian movie industry (NOLLYWOOD)

How the Nigerian Movie Industry NOLLYWOOD has perfect as a Venture in Life.

Growth analysis in Nigerian movie industry (NOLLYWOOD)

The Nigerian movie industry “NOLLYWOOD” is a perfect example of how beneficial continuity is in any venture in life, it's has gone from hurriedly putting something together, I know you remember those days where we could probably guess what the movie is all about and predict how it goes just from hearing the movie title and seeing it's poster advert, yes.  

Yes those times, it was terrible I agree, it took a lot to get me to sit through a Nigerian movie.
Then my mother had to complain about how we never wanted to sit together as a family in the late evenings and watched tv together, well it’s only because I don’t like watching on TV. I’d rather spend that time playing games or something but today, it’s a different case in the Nigerian movie scene.

From captivating stories and a professional proper performances by actors in depicting this roles to great quality of pictures and effects on the production part of the industry. All round growth is evident in the movie industry the has been attraction of a lot of foreign investment which has contributed to the growth of the industry this owed to the increased popularly the movies have enjoyed over the years, the industry is unarguably the biggest in Africa and one of the fore frontiers in the world of movie making with the highest possible platform attained for an industry in today’s world.

It has showcased African talent to a very large audience and has shown that it can grow beyond measures if tended to appropriately, to make movies at the Hollywood standard a lot of money is required loads and loads of cause so even if the have been many recently the industry is still in need of investors both foreign and local and a lot more government support will definitely do the industry a lot of good allowing it even more room to grow.

The highest collectible prize for Nigerian acting is the AMVCA awards  (the African magic viewers choice awards) the awards marked by an elaborate ceremony where all the dignitaries in the industry are in attendance, it marks the calendar year for the movie industry and rewards the exploits of people who have contributed to the industry through the year as awards are presented for excellences art and humanity and is considered one of the biggest grounds for fashion exhibitions in the country.

An array of styles are usually on display at this event ranging from local to international styles, designers never waste the opportunity to put their designs in the public eye so they style celebrities for this event and hope the can help  them make a fashion statement that year one everybody would love and In turn would help increase sales at their respective stores. This awards mark genius in the industry and talking about awards that do the same there is the Oscars which is the biggest stage of them all, surely a Nigerian actor scooping this awards would hugely benefit the industry and country at large and definitely set Nollywood up on the world stage and make a profound statement “We are here to stay!!!”.

Already seen and prospective growth begs the question is the industry ready to break international market??

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