7 Things You Must Do To Avoid Misunderstanding With Your Partners

There is no way two peoples will walk together without getting into one misunderstanding or the other. But in relationship, it is very important to avoid misunderstanding, because it could lead to the end of your relationship with your partners.

7 Things You Must Do To Avoid Misunderstanding With Your Partners

There are many reasons why lovers often go into disagreement or get into sudden misunderstanding which often lead to a broken relationship.

Not being sincere to your lovers, uncontrolled anger and lack of effective communication among others could cause misunderstanding in a relationship.

However, it is very important to know some necessary ways to avoid misunderstanding in relationship so as to maintain a steady relationship with your partners.

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1. Tolerate your spouse: lack of tolerance often lead to misunderstanding between two lovers. Partners are advised to understand each other's mistakes and as well accept themselves the way they are. You have to tolerate your lover so as to maintain a relationship that will be free of constant disagreement and misunderstanding.

2. Correct; don't criticize your partner: harsh criticism often leads to a scenario where two people may start throwing words at each other. This could be avoided when you correct your Lover's mistakes with love and mild language in a way that he or she will not get upset with you. Some people are fond of raining insult and criticism on their lovers instead of correcting their mistakes. This often lead to misunderstanding which could make the relationship sink at the end.

3. Do not talk when you are angry: the most reasons why people offend each other is because of wrong choice of words when they are angry. An aphorism says "word is an egg..." It is very advisable to keep quiet  when your lover get you angry than to utter statements that could set everything ablaze. Silence is always golden when you're angry.

4. Do not make promises you can not  fulfill: of course, partners get into misunderstanding with each other because they make promises they can't fulfill. This often lead to a broken relationship because the expectation is always high when your spouse promises you something. And it becomes a horrible heartache when your spouse fail to meet his or her promises.

5. Be sincere with your spouse: You have to be sincere with your partners in words and in actions. Let him or her build confidence in you to the extent of believing whatever you say and do to them. You should be faithful, honest and loyal right from the start to avoid getting into  misunderstanding along the way.

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6. Effective communication: of course, when communication begin to fade in a relationship, the relationship will begin to crumble. When you fail to build a steady communication with your lover of course, you may misunderstand yourselves which could later lead to a break-up.

7 Avoid nonchalant attitude: Some ladies and men always put on "I don't care attitude"  which is very bad and could lead to misunderstanding. You have to improve in the way you care and attend to your lover so as to avoid you from getting into frequent misunderstanding with him or her.


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