COVID - 19 and President Buhari refusal to address the Nation

In any democratic society, there is the principle of the rule of law which also establishes the principle of equality and impartiality.

COVID - 19 and President Buhari refusal to address the Nation
President Buhari -

Apart from this, it is binding on any elected leader to take care of the electorate under him. Afterall, without an electorate there cannot be a government vice versa.

The recent discovery of corona virus (covid -19) has heightened the fears of the Nigerian populace as to whether the president is capable or is been directed by powers beyond his control. Firstly, from the initial stage of the discovery of the deadly disease, there were agitations from all quarters for the closure of all borders and a ban on foreign flights. However, all these measures weren't implemented.

Now that the virus is officially in the nation's territorial space with different cases recorded in Lagos, Abuja, the onus is on the President  to give a national address as to abate the fears of Nigerians on the deadly disease. However, uptill Saturday morning, nothing was done. While presidents of other nations were taking giant steps to sweep the virus off their borders, our own president found shelter in the nation's presidential villa. Afterall, it is believed that the presidential villa have the highest form of security physically and health-wise.

Now the question bothering the mind of the writer is the reason behind the president's action. Should we term it a lack of direction or empathy? or perhaps an intentional and deliberate act to further affrim the fact that our leaders don't have the interest of their followers at heart?  By all standards, a leader should be self sacrificial, hence the safety of the sheep under his care should be placed above other things.

Politically, government powers and functions should flow from the top to other component units However, in the case of Nigeria, the reverse is the case. Governors of States who are suppose to take directive from the top (President), have on their own worked out plans to ensure the scourge of the disease is curtailed and put at bay.

Issues relating to health are supposed to be treated exclusively by the federal government. This is because it tentacles of authority spreads and covers a larger territory compared to state governments who operate within a limited, restricted and confined territory.

Businesses are affected, places of worship are locked, educational institutions are shut, the number of affected persons is increasing unimaginably and their is no presidential address. Are we truly practising democracy or we are sliding into plutocracy which will further degenerate into anarchy. I do wish the nation particularly health officials success in their struggle to put the corona virus disease at bought.

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