Beginners Guide to Making money online (5 Tried and True ways for a beginner)

Do you want to make money online?
Have you been searching on Google, looking for the PERFECT and EASIEST way to make
moneyonline, STOP and listen Carefully to these.

Beginners Guide to Making money online (5 Tried and True ways for a beginner)

Making money online takes time unless you want to scam someone and get away with it
Please read it again.

If you haven’t started making money online.
Just calm down, and Listen. I have been there before.

Have you found yourself searching for these on google?
"10 ways to make money online"
"65 ways to make money online"
"100 easy ways to make money online"

It's normal, since that time how many have you started working on.
If you have not started working on anyone.
it means you are not ready to put in the work

Are you just reading to memorize it?
Here Are some of the Problems you might face as a NEWBIES when it comes to
making money online

1. You Think Making online should be as Easy as clicking on a button

2. Impatience
This one is a serious issues because it make you always looking for how to make a fast money online without thinking which usually lead to scamming other people and chasing shining lies(invest 10kand get 20k).

3. starting out with the intention to make money rather than to help

4. Unprofessional social media profile
(Except you want to be giving potential clients doubts about how legit you are)
Let me stop here.

Most Newbies think making money online is EASY Or you think you are the only one that wants to make money online.

Read this Carefully
The Internet started in 1983 that is 43 years ago
lest Fast forwards to the year 2000, in the year 2000 it increased to 413 million.
Fast forward it again to 2016 the number rose to 3.4 billion.

Listen to this
According to the total number of internet users as at January 2020 is 4.5 billion
What does that mean to you?
The world is moving online
more people are trying to make money online everyday, If everybody is doing something, being successful at it gets harder my friend.

Alot of people are trying to make money online but they keep getting it wrong.

If you want to make money online and you are ready to put in the work.

Here are 3 things (tried and true) I highly suggest you start with.

1. Freelancing
Freelancing simply means you are offering valuable services to people online in exchange
for some money that's all.

To start freelancing you need to have a valuable skill you can offer, and you must find where
people need the services you can offer online.

Here are a list of Skills you can offer as a service. SEO writing, data entry, programming, proofreading, graphic design, copywriting, project management etc. you can learn any of these from Udemy, Sites where you can meet people that need these services upwork, freelancer, Elance,

2. E-book creation
If you want to start with E-book creation. You need to sit yourself down and ask yourself
what you want to write down that would be valuable to the person that will read the book. If
you Ebook does not provide results for people, making sales would be hard.

All you have to do is to decide on what kind of book you want to write, it could be fiction
stories, non fiction stories, how to books, Entertainment or educative books, pick one and
make sure the person that would read the book would derive some value from it.

If you are able to achieve that, you are set to success in the e-book creation space. The only
thing you need to learn is how to market your ebook.

3. Digital training
Don't confuse digital training with online courses, online courses are passive meaning you can create all the videos and resources you want to teach people about and people will keep
on enrolling for the course even if you aren't there.

In the case of digital training you have to be actively teaching people a digital skill, most
people use Whatsapp or Facebook groups to organize digital training.

Hope this article helps.

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