Mar 30, 2020

Shocking: Landlady stabbed tenants wife almost to death in Lagos

On the 28th Saturday March, 2020, Landlady Mrs Anulika Ubasinachi Ekweozor wife to Samson Ubasinachi Ekweozor the landlord, stabbed tenants wife to verge of death as a result of conflict between Landlord and the Tenant ‘Husband to the stabbed woman’.

Shocking: Landlady stabbed tenant almost to death in Lagos
Tenant wife who was stabbed

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This happened at No. 78 Amudalatu Agod Ikotun Egbe, Cele Bstp on that Saturday afternoon. Report got to us (9jaedublog) earlier today but we put in more to get full details and vital information about what stirred up the fight and the condition of the victim and the landlady.

On that sad day, the husband of the victim earlier had a little quarrel with the landlord, he questioned the landlord for cutting his source of electricity. This was the misunderstanding between the landlord and the tenant. The landlord and the tenant went in to settle their dispute which is said to might have not ended well.

Shocking: Landlady stabbed tenant almost to death in Lagos
Tenant wife at medical center

Later on, the tenant went out of the compound to get something. The quarrel continues between the landlord, his wife and the tenant wife, this escalated and result to a fight. The landlady picked up a fight with the tenant's wife, the tenant wife tried to resist her because she never wanted problem but it really went hard and the landlady was forced to pick up a Knife, cut and stabbed her mercilessly to the brink of death but fortunately rescue came in time and she was saved and rushed to a nearby clinic.

Shocking: Landlady stabbed tenant almost to death in Lagos Shocking: Landlady stabbed tenant almost to death in Lagos
Above is the picture of the landlord and his heartless wife Mr & Mrs Ubasinachi Ekweusor.

On coming back the husband to the victim came in to see this mess, he was broken and couldn't believe that this little quarrel can lead to such an outbreak.

Shocking: Landlady stabbed tenant almost to death in Lagos
Facebook post of story regarding to this
This morning march 31st, she went for further treatment of the scar. See image below.

Shocking: Landlady stabbed tenants wife almost to death in Lagos
Woman treatment on scar
Updated: 31/3/20
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Mar 29, 2020

China Exposed for creating COVID-19 virus as a weapon for economic world victory

China has achieved economic world victory by cheating. 9jaEduBlog brings to you the most thrilling viral topics all over the nation don't miss out next post, kindly subscribe to our Newsletter.

aljazeera news News image

 China first created the Corona virus vaccine and kept it in his fridge until the economic of the whole world was brought down.  China had become the hub of investors all over the world.

 China left the virus in It's Wuhan city and due to the tremendous deaths, the shares of the fleeing investors bought the price of the currency and the foreign investors and entrepreneurs ran away from their capital. China has already created and hidden the vaccine, Took out and stopped the deaths of China in just a single day.

  In this war, China lost some of its people but looted the wealth of the whole world. Today there has not been a single death, nor has the number of patients increased. Today this virus is circulating like the world.

 Amazing also see the back of all those countries and cities where the Chinese have broken
 Citizens used to spend.  Today the whole world
 Everyday is seeing its economy collapse.  On 17 March, China's economy is getting stronger day by day.

 This is an economic war in which China has won and is losing its life and property every day while fighting the world.
 Wuhan to Beijing = 1152 km
 Milan from Wuhan = 15000 km
 Wuhan to New York = 15000 km

 Corona has no effect in nearby Beijing/Shanghai but has deaths in Italy, Iran, European countries and it has ruined the economy of the whole world.

 All business areas of China are safe!

 Something is fishy, America is not just blaming China.

 10 tough questions from China: (must read question no. 6,7,8,9)

  1.  Where the whole world is being affected by this, why did it not spread anywhere in China except Wuhan?  How did China's capital remain untouched by this?
  2. Why did China hide from the whole world about the virus?
  3. Why destroyed the initial sample of Corona?
  4. Why did the doctor and the journalist who brought it up be silenced?  Has the journalist been disappeared?
  5. When other countries of the world asked to share information, why did they not share the information?  Why refuse
  6. Why was the Communist Director of WHO used to hide the corona from human to human?  WHO Director was doing what he did in "Beijing (China)" in January ..... ??????  (Were you fixing the plan?)
  7. "There is no need to issue any guideline for any international flight as it does not spread from human to human" .... WHO kept doing this tweet till 11 January.  Why ???  Today it has been proved that corona spreads from human to human… so why did the WHO lied ??
  8. Why were 50,00,000 people sent from Wuhan "to different parts of the world" without medical examination .. ???
  9. There was a minor case in Italy till 6 February.  Suddenly Chinese 'We are Chinese, not a virus, embrace us.'  Why did the world's tourist destination known as 'City of Love' come to embrace the people of Italy with placards ???

  10. The whole world is looking at China and WHO with suspicion today and wonder if both China and WHO came to praise India on the same day!  Is it a coincidence?
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  •  Way to dominate the world?

  Chinese Strategy: -
  1. First created a virus and its medicine.

  2. Then the virus spread.

  3. Get hospitals built overnight (finally they were already ready), demonstrating their efficiency, ordering projects as well as equipment, renting labor, water and sewage networks, prefabricated building materials and a  An impressive amount of stocks .. These were all part of that strategy.

  4. As a result, anarchy along with viruses started spreading in the world, especially in Europe.

  5. The economy of dozens of countries was quickly affected.

  6. Production lines in factories in other countries closed.

  7. Consequently a sharp fall in the stock market.

  8. China quickly controlled the epidemic in its country.  Overnight, new corona patients from Wuhan stopped.  How is it possible when a country like Italy has not been able to handle this situation?  After all, China was already ready.

  9. As a result, the price of goods from which he buys oil etc. on a large scale.

  10. China then immediately returned to production, while the world is at a standstill.  While there has been an uproar in the world, has China started working in its factories?  China started buying things that had fallen drastically and selling them whose price had increased drastically.

 Now if you can't believe it

 In 1999, read the book "Unrestricted War: China's Master Plan to Destroy America" ​​written by the Chinese colonies Qiao Liang and Wang Jiangsui !! * All these facts are there.

 Just think about it

  How Russia and North Korea are completely free from Kovid 19?  Because they are staunch allies of China.  Not a single case was reported from these 2 countries.  On the other hand South Korea / United Kingdom / Italy / Spain and Asia are severely affected.  Because all of this is competitive in China

 How did Wuhan suddenly free itself from the deadly virus?

  China would say that their initial measures were too harsh and Wuhan was closed down to spread to other regions.  But this answer is very funny .. Had it been so, it would not have spread to the rest of the countries and would have been limited to one city.  It is 100% true that they are using anti-virus of the virus.

  Why no one was killed in Beijing?  Why only Wuhan?  Interesting idea. Well, Wuhan is now open for business.  America and all the above mentioned countries are financially devastated.  Soon the US economy will collapse according to China's plan.  China knows that it cannot defeat America militarily because at present, according to this America is the largest powerful country in the world.

 So this is the world victory formula of China. Use virus to paralyze the economy and defense capabilities of other countries.  Certainly Nancy Pelosi was made an assistant in this cause to compete with Trump.  President Trump has always been describing how the Great American economy is improving on all fronts.  Economic catastrophe was the only way to destroy his vision of creating AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.  Nancy Pelosi was unable to impeach Trump, So they adopted this method of destroying Trump by releasing a virus in association with China.  Wuhan was just a demonstration of the epidemic. Now this virus has taken the epidemic to the extreme !!!

Chinese President Xi Jinping talks by video with patients and medical workers at the Wuhan’s Huoshenshan Hospital in central China. (Xie Huanchi/AP) -

 Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in just one simple RM1 facemask to visit those effective areas, as President he should be covered from head to toe, but it was not so.  They were already injected to resist any kind of damage from the virus.  This means that the virus was being treated even before it was released.

 Now if you argue that - Bill Gates had already predicted a virus outbreak in 2015, so the Chinese agenda cannot be true.  So the answer is - yes, Bill Gates predicted it but that prediction was based on an actual virus outbreak and not man-made.

 Now China is also stating that the virus was foreseen so that its agenda matches that prediction and everything seems natural or automatic.  Still, if this authentic fact seems artificial to you, then look ahead yourself. China’s next step will be to control the world economy by buying stocks now from countries facing the brink of a declining economic economy, later  China will announce that their medical researchers have found a cure to destroy the virus.

 Now China has stocks of other countries in the armories of its armies and these countries will soon be slaves to their master under compulsion !!

 And yes, one more thing

 The Chinese doctor who revealed the virus was also silenced forever by the Chinese authorities.

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Mar 28, 2020

Imam of peace - Buhari stopped US from eliminating BOKO HARAM

Just about now, 12:26 PM 28th March, 2020, Imam of peace has taken to his twitter page on how buhari refused US from eliminating boko haram.

He said; “We were not allowed to destroy boko haram. When the governments creates excuses to protect terrorists, you have a terrorist government.”

Who is Imam of peace?

Mohammad Tawhidi is a Muslim influencer and reformist Imam. Tawhidi has been embraced by a number of centrist islam groups and anti-islamic extremism groups. Tawhidi is president of the Islamic Association of South Australia, which he founded in 2016. He refers to himself as the "Imam of Peace.

Followed up comments and replies says that its false, Imam of peace is just an enemy to president Buhari, while some said, they saw the video which he posted some months ago, its not a surprise that boko haram is a political weapon used to attract foreign aids which are sidelined...Boko haram will stop when the rulers die, especially Mr Covikk, he is the founder.

So we, 9jaEduBlog has not found any thing sure about this and we don't have a say towards this, its left for you to decide if this is true or just made up story. 

Recent tweets from Imam of peace;

“I love Nigeria. Nigeria will be more beautiful without the terrorism enabled by Dictator Buhari,” says Imam.

50 Nigerian soldiers killed in deadly Boko Haram ambush. If the army can’t protect itself then how can it protect the people? More Christians being slaughtered everyday. Buhari is still nowhere to be found. #BuhariResign.

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Shocking News: Explosion in Akure, Residents in panic, see photos and videos

Not quite long after the Explosion in Abule Ado Lagos, here is another blast at about 12:30 am to 1:00 am on Saturday morning, the 28th of March 2020.

Just in, Road cuts into two and about 100 residential building, schools and churches destroyed in an explosion at midnight in akure, Ondo state.

This explosion went off and was heard by residents in other cities close to the town which includes Owo, Ondo, and other nearby towns. This is what can gather about this information.

We went through social medias; twitter, Instagram and other blogs to fetch you a solid information about this. Many have also falsely claimed that what residents of Akure heard on Saturday morning was the Asteroid hitting the town. See those making that claim below:

Twitter images

The Explosion is not an effect from an asteriod

The asteroid was supposed to land in April 29th, 2020 not March which is code names Asteroid 52768 is the biggest asteroid to fly by the earth in the year 2020. The asteroid will be flying at a very safe distance from the earth, which is calculated to be some four million miles away – that’s more than 16 times the distance of the moon to earth.

Secondly given the size of the rock, which is about 59 km², the asteroid hitting Akure will definitely cause a sinkhole.   Finally, as is said earlier, the asteroid is not anywhere landing soon and will be at a very safe distance from earth.

The Explosion might be a blast from an explosive device

Some reports claimed that the explosion which was heard in Akure was from an explosive device that went off while being transported in a vehicle.

While 9JaEduBlog is yet to independently verify that fact, it could be the closest possibility to the truth of what went down in Akure.

An Interview with a police inspector states that;

the whole charade was a bomb that was suppose to be transported to a neighbouring state for military use, only for the driver to detect smoke from the trunk and quickly parks the trailer in a safe isolated place and runaway before it went off.

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Davido - My Fiancé is tested positive for COVID-19

Chioma Rowland (TheChefchi) the fiancé to popular Nigerian music star David Adeleke Known as Davido was tested Positive to Covid-19 (Corona Virus)after the result which was tested on 25th of march.

Davido and chefchi
Davido and chefchi

 Davido recently made an announcement on his Instagram page about how they decided to go for test because of their recent travel history and together with all their close associate about 31 of them.
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"We decided to take ourselves and our all close associate we have come in contact with for the COVID-19 test on the 25th of march" he also said "Unfortunately, my fiancé's results came back positive while all 31 others tested have come back negative including our baby," wrote Davido. He added that they both showed no symptoms, but would be self-isolating as a safety measure.

"We are however doing perfectly fine and she is even still yet to show any symptoms whatsoever. She is now being quarantined and I have also gone into full self isolation for the minimum 14 days," he added. "I want to use this opportunity to thank you all for your endless love and prayers in advance and to urge everyone to please stay at home as we control the spread of this virus! Together we can beat this!"

Before you continue, we felt you missed this post;
What really happened in the Viral Video of a guy beating a girl mercilessly

Read Davido's full post below:

Davido Instagram
Davido's Instagram
Recents from;
There are now around 4,000 cases of coronavirus recorded all over Africa. The virus has claimed the lives of Cameroonian afro-jazz pioneer Manu Dibango, Zimbabwean media personality Zororo Makamba and South African traditional healer Credo Mutwa. On Monday Nelson Mandela's grandson Ndaba Mandela also announced that he had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Earlier this month, Davido postponed his North American tour, which was set to take place this Spring, due to the outbreak.

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Mar 26, 2020

See Who is behind the insurgency and deaths of thousands of soldiers - An aggressive soldier cries out loud

An open letter was sent from the following personnel listed below;
96NA/43/12713 Sgt Amakiri tuyi a SNCO 17NA in the Nigerian Army.
 Date posted was not published, I was going through my WhatsApp group and I found this text and decided to share and write more on this.



With tears in my eyes and pains in my heart due to carelessness of the chief of army staff, theater commander sector commanders.

This is my 24th years in service, 4years in North East fighting Boko Haram with my age in service and experience in the battle like United Nations peace, bakkassi, Liberia etc

This war between the Nigeria army  and Boko Haram is a well planned game, sir with due respect what happened in my very own eyes is very sad and disgraceful to whole Nigeria army and Nigeria as whole. A nation well known with armies that do go for war and conquer, now handling Boko Haram for up to 12 years now.

Since 2018 and 2019, it's not easy at all. Attack from one locations to another in metele attack. Boko Haram killed 187 soldiers including officers, Nigeria army did not give the actual amount. The attack of metele was a set up, even the commander was handcuffed when he ask the theater commander for equipment, the theater commander used military police to handcuff him and push him to metele where he was killed including 186 soldiers.

Nigeria army digged a pit to cover soldiers like fowl. Several locations in North East; Maidugari and Yobe were Attacked, dislodged killed several number of soldiers, yet the Chief of army staff never take proper equipment to fight the insurgency rather, all they do is going to bauch armor unit to carry old tankers that was abandoned since Shagari regime, paint them and give to trooper a tank that is not working with many unserviceable equipment.

There is a time when they allocated some amount of money to chief of army staff, he travels out in search of equipment with Maj Gen VO Ezeugwu and return with nothing. How can a troop fight Boko Haram with a Hilux with MG on it?

Why I said the operation lafia dole (the theater commander) should be giving to the Air Force is because Nigeria army generals are the one sponsoring Boko Haram.

I can remember during our clearance operations, we came in contact with Boko Haram which we captured one alive. He mentioned 9 Nigeria army generals that sponsor them financially, in feeding  and with clothes. They are been paid salary even more than a Nigeria army soldier.

If the Chief of Army Staff Lt gen buratai and Maj Gen VO Ezeugwu will come up to tell Nigeria the existence of Boko Haram, it will be better.

If the theater commander of operation lafia dole would come out to tell Nigeria what happened to 136 Nigeria army soldiers and officers he took to bush in the name of advancement, the better

United Nations and Nigeria authority should get the three generals that lead the advance; the theater commander, the sector 2 commander and sector 1 commander arrested to explain why they sacrifices this soldiers and several numbers of fighting equipment to the Boko Haram.

I was among those who went on the advance the first and second advance that took number of soldiers life it's by the grace of God I survived it. I was in the gun truck along with the generals when communication was made between the generals telling the Boko Haram the number of Hilux and the Hilux they were in.

The Boko Haram started firing from the middle and clear the doubt of soldiers.

How did the theater commander escape the huge firing and the other two generals with no injury?None of the three generals were killed nor injured,
when several number of the theater commander escort who was at the back were killed and some injured but non of this generals boys were killed or injured.

Why I mentioned Maj Gen VO Ezeugwu he knows why I mentioned his name and some 72 special forces airborne who knows him will understand
Due to his actions in killing Boko Haram coas give him task to train 17NA 76rri move them to theater as young soldiers if you know you what it means
Within this period he was promoted and he train 77rri trying to move them which failed

Chief army staff collaborate with Ezeugwu by giving him appointment of chief of manufacturing where they are deciving Nigerians of provide equipments

Nigeria should hand over the threater commander to air Force officers the same at zamfara

Nigeria should stop founding the Nigeria army officers until they stop their evils l

Nigeria should wake up and know we have two army
The Nigeria army and Boko Haram army commanding by same officers

Nigeria should know that this fight of insurgency is ways of Nigeria army generals generating money using the blood of people children
People husbands

Go to Nigeria army Barack today and see widows and fatherless children
Many didn't even know if their father or children are alive or death if any was killed by Boko Haram Nigeria army will just dig hole dump them without informing their families

Talk about welfares a soldier fighting Boko Haram receiving just 15 000 while army officers collect 30 000 for feeding can a soldier consume 30 000 food in a month if a soldier die they will not even pay his benefit to his family

Me President you promise to fight corruption please if u want to fight corruption start with Nigeria army
Nigeria army is the head of corruption

Nigeria is you hear in a news from Nigeria army in any social media saying Boko Haram attacks so so locations kill 2  injured 5 just know 20 soldiers already been killed

Nigeria has 774 army generals how many Barack is in Nigeria that this people can command
GOC a major general and 2ic major general see crase

Nigeria if you want this war to end
Hand over to air Force officers
Get lt gen buratai and other generals involved arrested

Ask this question if this is real a war against insurgency
Lt gen buratai is from maidugari more than 57 army officers from maidugari including generals will it take army two days to clear this Boko Haram

Think this if Coas and theater commander are not involved why will him re send trops back to talala with soft skin vehicles after Boko Haram collect almost 73 guntrucks
Killed several number of soldiers

Nigerians the theater commander went and give Boko Haram the equipment so the war will start afresh after Nigeria army troop has reduced their numbers

Am done and walking out peacefully from d Nigeria army bye Nigeria army
Soldiers becareful and be wise play safe the leaders don't want to end this insurgency remember u have families who cares for u what is 15 000 naira that will took your life

My prayers as SNCO of the Nigeria army the federation act on this and I pray for all my gallant young soldiers fighting Boko Haram for strength and all 17na who work under me as their guard commander I always advice u guys and pray they remember you guys u done well fighting Boko Haram for years with out unit nor Corp
You guys always in my prayers

Let me go home and have my family and enjoy my family with peace of mind

I pray it get to the authority

- He said.


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Mar 24, 2020

COVID - 19 and President Buhari refusal to address the Nation

In any democratic society, there is the principle of the rule of law which also establishes the principle of equality and impartiality.

COVID - 19 and President Buhari refusal to address the Nation
President Buhari -

Apart from this, it is binding on any elected leader to take care of the electorate under him. Afterall, without an electorate there cannot be a government vice versa.

The recent discovery of corona virus (covid -19) has heightened the fears of the Nigerian populace as to whether the president is capable or is been directed by powers beyond his control. Firstly, from the initial stage of the discovery of the deadly disease, there were agitations from all quarters for the closure of all borders and a ban on foreign flights. However, all these measures weren't implemented.

Now that the virus is officially in the nation's territorial space with different cases recorded in Lagos, Abuja, the onus is on the President  to give a national address as to abate the fears of Nigerians on the deadly disease. However, uptill Saturday morning, nothing was done. While presidents of other nations were taking giant steps to sweep the virus off their borders, our own president found shelter in the nation's presidential villa. Afterall, it is believed that the presidential villa have the highest form of security physically and health-wise.

Now the question bothering the mind of the writer is the reason behind the president's action. Should we term it a lack of direction or empathy? or perhaps an intentional and deliberate act to further affrim the fact that our leaders don't have the interest of their followers at heart?  By all standards, a leader should be self sacrificial, hence the safety of the sheep under his care should be placed above other things.

Politically, government powers and functions should flow from the top to other component units However, in the case of Nigeria, the reverse is the case. Governors of States who are suppose to take directive from the top (President), have on their own worked out plans to ensure the scourge of the disease is curtailed and put at bay.

Issues relating to health are supposed to be treated exclusively by the federal government. This is because it tentacles of authority spreads and covers a larger territory compared to state governments who operate within a limited, restricted and confined territory.

Businesses are affected, places of worship are locked, educational institutions are shut, the number of affected persons is increasing unimaginably and their is no presidential address. Are we truly practising democracy or we are sliding into plutocracy which will further degenerate into anarchy. I do wish the nation particularly health officials success in their struggle to put the corona virus disease at bought.

President Buhari, Under Pressure to Address Nigerians on Readiness to Tackle Coronavirus

Nigeria's President Mohammadu Buhari has come under media pressure to address his fellow countrymen on his government's preparedness to handle the Coronavirus infection that has been confirmed in Nigeria.

Coronavirus poses a serious global health risk to the world and governments both within and outside Africa have been using different strategies to prevent its spread.

Nigeria is among the most populous countries in Arica and it will have to contend with the virus in the weeks ahead.
Criticism against the president first came from the leader of the proscribed indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) who fled out of the country to escape charges brought against him by the government.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu challenged the president from his hideout in Britain to address the country on his preparedness to tackle the spread of the virus.

Nigerians have also blamed the president for the new cases of the viral infection reported in the country for his failure to act promptly by banning flights both to and fro affected countries.

It was reported that some of the new cases of the Coronavirus infection were brought about by new returnees from affected countries who were not detected at the airport before reuniting with their families.

In the last few days, there have been uncoordinated efforts by state governors and religious leaders to prevent the virus from spreading. Sates such as Lagos state and the governors of the northwest states have ordered the closure of schools for 30 days.

Some religious leaders have also called for the closure of mosques and churches which are high-risk places.  This has not been well received by some religious bodies like the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) that felt that it was too early to order the closure of churches.

This savings here ad there have heightened the call on President Buhari to urgently address the country and employ a uniform strategy to avoid any politicization of the deadly infection which has ravished many parts of the world.

Mar 23, 2020

What really happened in the Viral Video of a guy beating a girl mercilessly

What happened between Dooshima and Junior in the viral video of a guy beating a girl in the month of march 2020: What Actually Happened
Dooshima Ella Terwase, who was mercilessly beaten by her boyfriend Moses Chiutar a.k.a Junior (King Marret De Entertainer on facebook), is a final year secondary school student.
As time goes by we discover more hidden truth and stories about what actually stirred up the fight. A story was written by Ukan on Facebook

She told me on Wednesday night, 18th March, 2020. Junior, A student of Caritas University Enugu, who returned home where he is undergoing studies. He called her to his house to resolve a dispute that brewed in the course of their relationship. She suspected that she is pregnant for Junior.

According to Ella, she had exams to write so she couldn't make it to juniors place, she put off the visit till that fateful Friday (20th March, 2020).

Initially, Ella said she turned down the request but Junior's friend Precious Blessing (Facebook name: Prëshy Ïbilë) persuaded her to come to juniors place for them to settle their dispute.

"So on Friday I went there. I sat outside and he (junior) invited me into the house that we should settle the matter before his mother comes back. I told him to tell me what he had for me but he insisted that I should come in. To avoid drawing attention, I went in with him. They were four - Junior, Tosin, Precious and the other guy - Eskay. While we were talking Precious was recording and was saying that see these people now talking as if they have no problem," Ella narrated.

She explained that Junior would pull a short gun on her but later on reassured her that he was only frightening her. Suddenly, Junior's countenance changed and he went physical on her.

Ella further said Eskay told Junior to beat her up so that she will learn and while Junior was beating her, Precious was recording on video. It got to a point when Tosin held her from behind, allowing Junior the chance to beat her more. Later on Precious open the door for her to run out.

Ella did not come home after the incident. She stays with her mum alone cause Ella's Dad is no more.
"I was afraid to tell Mum," Ella said.

Unfortunately,Ella came to know that the video was online when calls began coming in from her friends who have seen her in a video online.

"Some of my friends wanted to react but I told them not to put me into further problem. Yesterday (Saturday, 21st March, 2020), Junior called. He began calling till in the afternoon but I did not pick his calls. When I later picked, he was pleading that I should help to protect him," Ella said.

According to her, Precious who recorded the video, sent it to Tosin, who first posted it (online).

So so far, we came about the reason while Junior assaulted her, He was hard on her because she accused him of being responsible for her Condition (Prenancy), which we dont know if its true or not.

Now, having identified Ella, we are heading to the Police to officially lodge a complaint.

We appreciate everyone that has provided useful information that enables us to get this far. FIDA has mandated two lawyers to follow up the matter. 

Very senior military and paramilitary officers have also indicated interest in the matter and we are grateful to all that have shown concern, one way or the other in this matter.

Junior, there is no more time. In your own interest, report yourself to the Police Station nearest to you. Failure to do so, we are coming after you and there is no hiding place for you.

Report yourself to Police, alongside your friends. Friends, we will keep you posted as the events unfold. Thank you!

Mar 22, 2020

Lanre Fassy brings back Owambe Juju Highlife Beats to the Yoruba Nation

In the words of Dr. Dale Turner "Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.

Lanre Fassy brings back Owambe Juju Highlife Beats to the Yoruba Nation
Lanre Fassy -

Lanre Fassy after a long tussle with recording companies now Brings Back Owambe Juju Highlife Beats to the Yoruba Nation

As the saying goes "Education is the only Emancipation". In line with this phylosophical quotation Olanrewaju Fasasi aka Lanre Fassy attended St. John's Primary School and Hope Secondary Modern School all in Ibadan the capital of old Western Region, now the capital of Oyo State.

You might like to see this: Lilsmart and Nairamarley are not related

After completion of his Secondary Modern School that prepares students for Teacher Training College in those days to become a Teacher with ready made Teaching Appointment in Government Schools, he declined this opportunity and moved down to Lagos the capital of Nigeria in 1962 to seek greener pastures. 

He worked as a Petrol Sales Attendant with Texaco Filling Station, Igbosere, Lagos for many years, rose to the position of a Supervisor and later joined Teju Foam Industries Limited as a Higher Purchase Clerk. In 1966 he joined Ayinde Bakare & His Inner Circle Orchestra but the band disbanded in 1967. During the period of disbandment, Lanre Fassy went back to work as a Supervisor Merchandising with Texaco Filling Station, Apapa Road, Lagos.

Later Ayinde Bakare reformed a new band led by Gbenga Adefeso between 1973-1977 and Lanre Fassy was recalled but Lanre Fassy formed his own band in 1977 and named it Lanre Fassy & His Easy Going Orchestra. The band recorded an Album but regrettably the Album was not released but pirated by other established musician. The band recorded another another Album with Decca (West Africa) Limited through late Chief M.K.O. Abiola a Director of the Company but both records were also not released.

What a pity? Lanre Fassy's last unfruitful attempt at recording an Album was with Skylak Records Label an Offshoot of Punch Newspaper owned by late Chief Olu Aboderin. Lanre Fassy was No. 10 of the series of musicians lined up for recording but unfortunately before getting to his turn of recording Chief Olu Aboderin died and Skylak Records Label folded up. Lanre Fassy was introduced to Skylak Records by late I. K. Dairo MBE of blessed memory.

Lanre Fassy & His Ages Orchestra has finally at the end of his tribulations in series attempts at recording an album has just completed a rejuvenated six tracker New Dimensional Juju Highlife music and the Record Album now released in early 2020 and uploaded into

Also the Audio CD is also available in Record Stores across Largo State and beyond. The record is currently enjoying air play in some Radio Stations. Previewing the long awaited six tracker Record Album by Lanre Fassy & His Ages Orchestra by African Heritage (Words & Images) Broadcast Network the Promotions Outfit of Lanre Fassy there is no doubt or gain saying that the Record Album is a rejuvenated replication of the music of Lagos of old with thunderous sparkling Guitar works and sonorous octave voice of Lanre Fassy really fascinates the minds of the entire crew of African Heritage.

The most remarkable aspect of the Record Album is the inculcation and recitation of ABC - Z makes the Record Album a commercial viable message carrying lyrical contents for both young and old including children.

Finally, Lanre Fassy after a long tussle with recording companies now Brings Back Owambe Juju Highlife Beats to the Yoruba Nation.

Congratulations Baba Lanre Fassy from African Heritage (Words & Images) Broadcast Network

7 Things You Must Do To Avoid Misunderstanding With Your Partners

There is no way two peoples will walk together without getting into one misunderstanding or the other. But in relationship, it is very important to avoid misunderstanding, because it could lead to the end of your relationship with your partners.

7 Things You Must Do To Avoid Misunderstanding With Your Partners

There are many reasons why lovers often go into disagreement or get into sudden misunderstanding which often lead to a broken relationship.

Not being sincere to your lovers, uncontrolled anger and lack of effective communication among others could cause misunderstanding in a relationship.

However, it is very important to know some necessary ways to avoid misunderstanding in relationship so as to maintain a steady relationship with your partners.

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1. Tolerate your spouse: lack of tolerance often lead to misunderstanding between two lovers. Partners are advised to understand each other's mistakes and as well accept themselves the way they are. You have to tolerate your lover so as to maintain a relationship that will be free of constant disagreement and misunderstanding.

2. Correct; don't criticize your partner: harsh criticism often leads to a scenario where two people may start throwing words at each other. This could be avoided when you correct your Lover's mistakes with love and mild language in a way that he or she will not get upset with you. Some people are fond of raining insult and criticism on their lovers instead of correcting their mistakes. This often lead to misunderstanding which could make the relationship sink at the end.

3. Do not talk when you are angry: the most reasons why people offend each other is because of wrong choice of words when they are angry. An aphorism says "word is an egg..." It is very advisable to keep quiet  when your lover get you angry than to utter statements that could set everything ablaze. Silence is always golden when you're angry.

4. Do not make promises you can not  fulfill: of course, partners get into misunderstanding with each other because they make promises they can't fulfill. This often lead to a broken relationship because the expectation is always high when your spouse promises you something. And it becomes a horrible heartache when your spouse fail to meet his or her promises.

5. Be sincere with your spouse: You have to be sincere with your partners in words and in actions. Let him or her build confidence in you to the extent of believing whatever you say and do to them. You should be faithful, honest and loyal right from the start to avoid getting into  misunderstanding along the way.

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6. Effective communication: of course, when communication begin to fade in a relationship, the relationship will begin to crumble. When you fail to build a steady communication with your lover of course, you may misunderstand yourselves which could later lead to a break-up.

7 Avoid nonchalant attitude: Some ladies and men always put on "I don't care attitude"  which is very bad and could lead to misunderstanding. You have to improve in the way you care and attend to your lover so as to avoid you from getting into frequent misunderstanding with him or her.


Everyone desires to be rich. It is an innate aspiration in most human to have lots and lots of material things. To be at that place where most if not all of life’s needs are met. 


If you ask the average Nigerian, he wants to have much money. To the one who has nothing or little (at least by his own estimation); the dollar is the answer to most, if not all of life’s problems.

The truth is, he may not be too far from the answer. It is alright to want to have lots of money and be rich, it’s a legitimate desire. It is another thing however, to know how to build wealth.  This brings us to the question, is being rich the same as being wealthy?

If you ask most people if being rich is the same as being wealthy, you might be met with blank stares; as if they are thinking, “what are you talking about? Isn’t it all about having a lot of money?” They are not completely wrong to think so, but you see, being rich and being wealthy, though interrelated are two quite different concepts or financial states. One may be rich but not wealthy but you cannot be wealthy and not be rich. It’s like you have a Venn diagram where riches are a subset of wealth.

Being rich means to have lots of money, enough to have all you need/want now. Being wealthy on the other hand is much more than that, to be wealthy, you have all you need to meet today’s need, meet tomorrow’s needs and still have enough as residual. A rich person has lots of money while a wealthy person doesn’t have to even to worry about money at all. 

A rich person has either profit or assets or both while a wealthy person has assets that generates profit and more assets. Wealth is synonymous to financial freedom. While riches may not last if not properly managed, wealth on the other hand is sustainable and accumulated. 

Wealthy means you have assets that can comfortably and conveniently afford your lifestyle and still have surplus for future without having to worry about running out.

For example, some profession where people earn much and can be said to be rich are doctors and lawyers. They may be said to be rich but few of them are actually wealthy because although they are earning much, they have to keep working or the stream of income stops. Once they stop working and earning money, their stream of income stops flowing and they start floundering financially. 

Another group are celebrities and footballers, except few who make good investment decision, most of then begin to struggle financially once they retire and the stream of income from fame and the glitz world stops flowing.

There is however, another school of thought that believes that being wealthy is a state of mind; contentment being the chief operative word. According to this school of thought, you don’t need to have much to be wealthy. Once you are able to manage your expenses to be in line with the resources available at your disposal, you are said to be wealthy. 

This invariably means that once you have enough to cater for your immediate needs and some to spare, save or invest and you can sustain that, you are wealthy. In this school of thought, financial discipline and contentment is the source of wealth. Even if you have much resources, but you are constantly spending much more than what you have or spending all that you have, you cannot be said to be wealthy.

This is why it is imperative to be financially literate, be frugal with expenses and have contentment. Once you start earning, it is of utmost importance to cultivate the habit of spending below your means, saving and investment.

So, do you want to be rich or wealthy? What actionable steps are you taking in that direction?

The Dynamism of Renokrinism

You all know who Reno Omokri is, yes? Born in 1974, Reno is a renowned author and well known lawyer. A founder of a multimedia project, Build Up Nigeria and a producer of many short series films in the U.S.

The Dynamism of Renokrinism
Reno omokri -

He was the host of a Christian TV show in the U.S ehich talked about the Christian faith and many other things.

What makes Reno spectacular is his use of social media as a tool to propagate the gospel-according to him, that is. But Reno is not your usual social media celebrity. The man is so dynamic. One moment, Reno is all fired up in the spirit about things and the next, he dives into politics and culture. He also talks about the current administration of the Nigerian republic, using every means necessary to bash the government. For him, he believes the government has failed the people and the country at large. This has helped to put him in the back books of the government who sought to disrepute him by naming him, former president Goodluck Jonathan and a host of others as inciting hate and narrow-mindedness against the current president. It would suffice to remember that Reno was the presidential spokesperson for the former administration before elections changed power in 2015. He is also accredited with the pioneering of social media as a tool for political purposes in Nigeria under the then administration of Goodluck Jonathan.

What puts Reno in our news this morning is his controversial tweet about the need to embrace African culture as against the European standard of living.

On a fateful day, Reno grabs his phone and logs on to Twitter. Then, he makes a post that has everyone wondering what kind of a person he is. In his own words:

"All my children have exclusively African names. No European or so-called Christian names. If their Itsekiri names are not good enough for your Christianity, then your Christianity is not good enough for me and my children. Africans, keep your culture!"

While some agree to his statement about the need to promote African culture more, others believe he's delusional. Why does he stand against the same Christianity he claims to believe in? And if he's promoting culture, why dress in an European attire while using a white man's app to send his message across? The arguments are just one too many. So far, the tweet has been a subject of debate even amongst intellects, sparking controversial arguments about the need for reparation for Africa or the justification of a mixed civilization. 

And trust Reno. He has a witty answer ready for each reply! Very savage. From those who try to soil his name to others who do not get the message he's passing across, Reno ia armed to the teeth with bullets of replies for then all. You want to know more about his tweets and nuggets?
Follow @renoomokri on Twitter or just type the hashtag #renosnuggets.

So, let's know what you think about this. Is Reno a confused man or just one whose voice needs to be heard?

Drugs and It Effects on Human

Drugs are medicine. Drugs are medication made with different  types of chemical composition, which serve as supplement  to  pioneer the functionality, of the immune system. The human body system respond to the effect of drugs differently and the improper usage of it can lead to side effect, which can put a patient in a worse unhealthy state. Drugs are good and supportive for the body, if it well used.

Drugs and It Effects on Human
Drug photo -

The effect of drugs on a patient, can be determined with the level of concentration it contains.
Using drugs should come with the right proper measures when serve, so that a patient can go through the process of gradual healing, restructuring and revival that comes up in the right manner.

Drug usage, do not come naturally  to anyone, but it becomes a necessity when there is health  related issues, coming as a threat  to life which discomfort the stability of the body functionality.

A patient reaction to the effect of drugs, varies from one person to another. Some patient are adaptive, to the  intake of drugs in recovery. while  other kind of patient, retard the  effectiveness of drug performance,  in slow process. Making recovery of health a challenge. Cases of ineffectiveness of drug in the body,  might stem from expiration of drugs usage. A doctor might just continue with an unproductive service, that might lead to more complication for the patient. The  careless use of drugs result to side  effect, an occurring emergence. The  effect of some drugs can be very spontaneous in reaction, so much  that it could end in surgical  operation, before it can be rectified.

A physician must ensure medical prescription directory, to avoid other health related issues, that can affect and alter the possibility of a  patient wellness. Therefore, proper  directory usage, must be  consciously administered and written visibly in a notable form, to  awaken the patient effort in usage, so as to obtain a desirable result in the improvement of their health.

There are other kind of drugs people engaged with on daily basis,  which react in short space of time before been nullified in the body. Drugs like vitamin tablet, panadol  tablets, sleeping pills and other related  capsule. This drugs can be addictive, as a means of support for anyone in maintaining balance with  their dealings. The constant usage of this pills, might serve the user at  every point in time for effective performance of their body system,  but the accumulative residual effect of it frequent usage in the body, might lead to unfavourable outcomes in side effect. Therefore, moderation or abstenance must be  practise, so as not to be victimized  in the usage.

Drug usage is accessible in quick  measure, anyone under health related problems can use with a  clean water. This can be done with  simplicity, a cup of water sip in a minor, with a dose of tablet placed in the mouth, then the minimal water helps the dose to slide down  the throat. The patronage of medication, is now at increasing rate of risk. Due to the fact that many local drug stores, are been station at different angular location in many localities. Many of these people selling drugs, at this locations are mainly quaks and unrecognised physicians in terms of medical credibility. This factor exposes a patient to danger, if not caution can lead to death.

There are ways drugs help to maintain body balance,  in a manner that makes a person get involve in consistent usage. The state at which this drugs place the patient, makes them feel it something they cant do without. The effect comes with soothing relief and revival, a  wonderful experience of good health, but it is mandatory to know that drugs are chemical composition of different medical related substances notwithstanding, the main causes  of drug abuse is the feeling of pain, that discomfort  the body.
The incessant feelings of pain, is the  major cause of addiction, which  makes a person stick to a curing medication, each period symptoms  persist. In situation of health as this, a patient find reliance  on constant consistent usage of drugs  for. Nevertheless, the body as a whole goes through the process of  reformation.

The body reforms itself by restructuring it functionality. When symptoms persist, the body system becomes demanding for the medication to be relief from pain. When a patients health improves and becomes fit, physical exercise must be introduce to the reviving patient, to keep him on a conscious work out daily exercise.

The benefit of the exercise, is to help the reviving bones, tissue, cartilage and other forms of metabolic decomposition of matter in the body, to regulate itself in waste discharge of unwanted substances in the body,through sweating out. 
This attempt helps the digestive organs, to maintain the free flow of fluid, water, blood and other related minerals of the body, to gain the right temperate body condition, that support the improvement of the body.

CORONA VIRUS: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COVID-19, Symptoms, Prevention and Cure

We will be talking about how an infected victim can prevent the spread of the virus, acknowledgement of the virus, how to know if you are infected, what and what measures can be carried out to prevent yourself from initially contacting the virus.

CORONA VIRUS: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COVID-19, Symptoms, Prevention and Cure
Coronavirus image from

Firstly, What is Corona Virus?

The corona virus disease first started in Wuhan, China in 2019. Hence, it is code named 2019 Novel Corona Virus (2019-nCov) and later referred to as COVID-19.

COVID-19 is a flu-like respiratory disease caused by a new corona virus (known as SARS-CoV-2).

This implies that corona virus (or viruses such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV) has always existed before now.

They are common in people and animals such as bat, cat, cattle, etc, and are rarely transmitted. However, COVID-19 is a new strain of the virus known as SARS-CoV-2, and is highly contagious.

All these viruses are genetically similar in that they cause severe acute respiratory syndrome. Due to the rapid transmission of the disease across the world, coupled with lack of available vaccines to prevent it, the WHO declared it a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) on January 30, 2020, and later declared it as a pandemic by March 11, 2022.

What are the Symptoms of COVID-19?

COVID-19 is characterized by mild to severe symptoms between 2-14 days after being exposed to the virus. In some cases it could lead to death. These symptoms include:
• Runny nose
• Sore throat
• Cough
• Fever
• Pneumonia
• Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

Note: People with a higher risk of infection include those with chronic health conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, etc.

What is The Mode of Transmission?

• Animal-to-human spread
• human-to-human spread (close contact within 6 feet)
• air-bone transmission through discharge of respiratory droplets from the sneezing and coughing of infected persons
• touching infected surfaces/objects, etc.

How to Protect Yourself/Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

• There is presently no vaccine to prevent COVID-19. The best option is preventive – avoid being infected.
• Get the latest updates on COVID-19
• Stay at home when sick
• Cover your moth when sneezing or coughing
• Wash your hands with soap and water after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing, as well as after having been in public places
• Use hand sanitizer
• Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose with unwashed hands
•   Avoid close contact with infected persons or those who show symptoms
• Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces e.g. laptop keyboard, phones, stair case   railings, doorknobs, etc
• Wear facemask, especially when you’re sick
Sources: WHO, CDC (Center for Disease Control, USA), and LOINC

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the coronavirus disease the same as SARS?
No. The virus that causes COVID-19 and the one that caused the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003 are related to each other genetically, but the diseases they cause are quite different.

What are the symptoms of the coronavirus disease?
The most common symptoms are fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and even death. The period within which the symptoms would appear is 2-14 days.

How long does the coronavirus last on surfaces?
It is not certain how long the virus that causes COVID-19 survives on surfaces, but it seems to behave like other coronaviruses. Studies suggest that coronaviruses (including preliminary information on the COVID-19 virus) may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days.

Who is most at risk for the coronavirus disease?
People of all ages can be infected by the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Older people, and people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease) appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus.

WHO advises people of all ages to take steps to protect themselves from the virus, for example by following good hand hygiene and good respiratory hygiene.

What should you do if you think you have the coronavirus disease?
If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early. Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance. Follow the directions of your local health authority.

Is there a vaccine for the coronavirus disease?
When a disease is new, there is no vaccine until one is developed. It can take a number of years for a new vaccine to be developed.

Can you contract the coronavirus disease by touching a surface?
People could catch COVID-19 by touching contaminated surfaces or objects – and then touching their eyes, nose or mouth.

What happens when you get the coronavirus disease?
People with COVID-19 generally develop signs and symptoms, including mild respiratory symptoms and fever, on an average of 5-6 days after infection (mean incubation period 5-6 days, range 1-14 days). Most people infected with COVID-19 virus have mild disease and recover.

Is headache a symptom of the coronavirus disease?
The virus can cause a range of symptoms, from ranging from mild illness to pneumonia. Symptoms of the disease are fever, cough, sore throat and headaches.

Can the coronavirus disease spread through food?
Current evidence on other coronavirus strains shows that while coronaviruses appear to be stable at low and freezing temperatures for a certain period, food hygiene and good food safety practices can prevent their transmission through food.

Can babies get the coronavirus disease?
We know it is possible for people of any age to be infected with the virus, but so far there are relatively few cases of COVID-19 reported among children.

Growth analysis in Nigerian movie industry (NOLLYWOOD)

How the Nigerian Movie Industry NOLLYWOOD has perfect as a Venture in Life.

Growth analysis in Nigerian movie industry (NOLLYWOOD)

The Nigerian movie industry “NOLLYWOOD” is a perfect example of how beneficial continuity is in any venture in life, it's has gone from hurriedly putting something together, I know you remember those days where we could probably guess what the movie is all about and predict how it goes just from hearing the movie title and seeing it's poster advert, yes.  

Yes those times, it was terrible I agree, it took a lot to get me to sit through a Nigerian movie.
Then my mother had to complain about how we never wanted to sit together as a family in the late evenings and watched tv together, well it’s only because I don’t like watching on TV. I’d rather spend that time playing games or something but today, it’s a different case in the Nigerian movie scene.

From captivating stories and a professional proper performances by actors in depicting this roles to great quality of pictures and effects on the production part of the industry. All round growth is evident in the movie industry the has been attraction of a lot of foreign investment which has contributed to the growth of the industry this owed to the increased popularly the movies have enjoyed over the years, the industry is unarguably the biggest in Africa and one of the fore frontiers in the world of movie making with the highest possible platform attained for an industry in today’s world.

It has showcased African talent to a very large audience and has shown that it can grow beyond measures if tended to appropriately, to make movies at the Hollywood standard a lot of money is required loads and loads of cause so even if the have been many recently the industry is still in need of investors both foreign and local and a lot more government support will definitely do the industry a lot of good allowing it even more room to grow.

The highest collectible prize for Nigerian acting is the AMVCA awards  (the African magic viewers choice awards) the awards marked by an elaborate ceremony where all the dignitaries in the industry are in attendance, it marks the calendar year for the movie industry and rewards the exploits of people who have contributed to the industry through the year as awards are presented for excellences art and humanity and is considered one of the biggest grounds for fashion exhibitions in the country.

An array of styles are usually on display at this event ranging from local to international styles, designers never waste the opportunity to put their designs in the public eye so they style celebrities for this event and hope the can help  them make a fashion statement that year one everybody would love and In turn would help increase sales at their respective stores. This awards mark genius in the industry and talking about awards that do the same there is the Oscars which is the biggest stage of them all, surely a Nigerian actor scooping this awards would hugely benefit the industry and country at large and definitely set Nollywood up on the world stage and make a profound statement “We are here to stay!!!”.

Already seen and prospective growth begs the question is the industry ready to break international market??